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Top five tips to start your freelancing career

Ahmed Aldazdi

Want to be a freelancer but don’t know how to start? Here are five tips that can help you in your freelancing career.

  1. Find Out Your Niche
    There's a lot of advice out there about finding your niche. And it can be tough to sift through everything and figure out what works for you. But once you do find your niche. This will make it easier to find clients and land projects.
  2. Be Easy To Be Paid
    Get organized and set up a system for tracking your finances and invoices. This will help ensure timely payments and help keep your business running smoothly overall set up bank accounts to receive payments (choose banks with advance mobile banking like First Iraqi Bank) utilize mobile payment system (like ZainCashNassWalletFastPay) to make your payments easier to receive.
  3. Know Your Worth
    Set rates and pricing structures early on so you don't end up undervaluing your services later down the line when demand is high. Know what the going rate is and be sure to price accordingly. If you're not sure what to charge, ask the startup community on LinkedIn or visit Job Studios' website and see how much is charged for similar services. By doing your research you'll be able to avoid any stressful surprises later down the road.
  4. Build A Portfolio
    As a freelancer, one of the most important things you can do is build up a strong portfolio of work samples. If you're just starting out, don't worry if you don't have a lot to show yet, even a few good samples can make a big impression. Keep adding to your portfolio regularly and before long you'll have an impressive body of work that will help you land new clients with ease!
  5. Try Part Time Freelancing
    There are many reasons why someone might want to freelance, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not sure whether freelancing is the right career path for you, just try doing it part-time. Spend a couple of hours every day working on smaller freelance gigs. When you feel ready to tackle bigger projects, then you can decide whether you should freelance full-time and leave your day job.

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