Published 2023-04-03Blog Poster


Ahmed Aldazdi

Job Studio and Five One Labs have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote collaboration within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Kurdistan and Iraq. 

Job Studio is a pioneering platform that offers a streamlined approach for job seekers and employers to connect through a single user-friendly platform. With a focus on enabling employment opportunities and freelancing options, it is the first fully integrated job and freelancing platform in Iraq, dedicated to driving progress across the country.

Meanwhile, Five One Labs is an international startup incubator that supports the growth of talented entrepreneurs from diverse communities to launch their startups. 

Together, both parties have agreed to organize a networking event later this year, bringing together key stakeholders and players from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to promote the growth of the region. The partnership reaffirms the shared vision of both parties to support and uplift freelancers and entrepreneurs in Kurdistan and Iraq.