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How to Start Your Freelancing Career in Iraq

Warqaa Lowi

Written by: Warqaa Lowi

Are you an ambitious person who wants a thriving career? Or are you someone who needs to make extra money? A student, maybe? Or a graduate? Freelancing is your means to gain experience, have a career, and make money at the same time. So here’s how you can do that…

Freelancing in Iraq is currently thriving. Why? Because, unlike fixed jobs, you have a resilient schedule and are paid project by project. Due to Covid-19, many Iraqis shifted to freelancing to make money because so many people lost their jobs and had to stay home. This was the turning point for which many Iraqis pursued freelancing careers.   How do you start this from scratch?

First of all, know your forte! What are you good at? And is it needed in the field? Whether you want to work as a translator or a copywriter, knowing what you can do will outline your freelancing career. Decide what area you want to specialize in. Try to choose something you're good at and passionate about simultaneously. After deciding what you want to work in, practice your forte and discover what you can offer. Strengthen your skills and constantly learn more about them. Delve further into your capabilities and practice them. For example, if you're skilled at drawing and you feel that you can make money from practising the field of graphic design. You will need to attend courses online to cultivate your forte and prepare yourself for your career. 

After you have decided on your speciality, what is next?

Do you recall the part where you practice your skills? Yes, create a portfolio using your work samples. You may use Google Docs for an unlimited showcase of your career portfolio. Update it regularly so that you attract clients. Platforms like  Job Studio, an Iraqi freelancing website, also allow you to upload your portfolio to show potential clients. 

Getting out there and building connections

After preparing for your Iraqi freelancing journey, try to connect with other freelancers and communicate. Create a Linkedin and social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, and so forth) for your freelancing business and be specific with your services. This will help you become known in your area, and Iraqi clients will approach you easily. You can also create your website using WordPress

Your Service and client feedback

It is essential to dwell on the topic of client service feedback. You can build your work reputation through the excellent service and the effort you put into your work. Make sure to communicate with your client to know what to focus on and understand their vision. 

Good communication skills will make you build your own freelance community and attack more customers. One way of receiving feedback is by asking the client about the overall experience and asking professionals in the field for feedback. 

This leads us to constant research!

Constant searching is a key element to better job opportunities and greater connections. New trends and new methods are constantly renewing. 

Learning is your way to Earning!!! Sharpening your skills will eventually come from your freelance experience. But how can you lead your career to the next level? 

Earning more money, more clients, and more acknowledgements will come through learning. Join free courses online and cultivate your skills through educational resources. Iraqi Innovators is one of the famous Iraqi platforms to gain skills such as marketing or copywriting and embark upon your freelancing journey. The Makers is another good space for professional growth and cultivation. If you are creative, you can join Ruqaa for more inspiring methods of learning. Other online learning platforms are UdemySadeemCoursera, and more. Stay determined, disciplined, and patient when tapping into this journey. 

Setting work boundaries

As a freelancer, you must set boundaries and keep your working hours clear. This will prevent overwork and, thus, burnout. Make a schedule for you and the client to discuss the details. Reply to emails and connect at certain hours of the day dedicated to your job. 

What are the overall steps to follow in simple keywords: 

1- Discover your Skills

2- Cultivate them and practice constantly

3- Create a portfolio.

4- Be aware of the Iraqi market, the trends, and the freelancing landscape.

5- create your socials and showcase your services.

6- communicate with other freelancers.

7- Get clients and communicate with them.

8- Always learn more.

Finally, it is vital to make a balance between your life and career. To learn more, read our blog post here! You must ensure you stay productive and motivated to deliver the best freelancing experience to your client. To learn more, you can check our blog article here.