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Discover the Sources of Motivation to Avoid Burnout as an Iraqi Freelancer

Warqaa Lowi

Written by: Warqaa Lowi

As an Iraqi freelancer, you might encounter various obstacles that might affect your motivation which leads to burnout. Today, you will discover the secrets to staying motivated and avoiding burnout that are designed for the Iraqi context. 


Know your working capacity!

If over-exercising leads to exhaustion, overworking without identifying your limits can block productivity on many levels. Finding a balance between work and life is essential to avoid burnout as an Iraqi freelancer. Practice your field and set clear working hours. Remember to be gentle on your body and make time for short rests.

Awareness is key! 

Set clear goals and create a to-do list with a weekly plan to keep yourself focused. This will help you be more in control of your daily schedule and you will be aware of your priorities. As business theorist 

"If you're bored with life – you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don't have enough goals." Stephen P. Robbins Said, 

Break it into pieces

     Now that you've set a clear schedule, maintaining motivation will be easy throughout the day. Break your tasks into segments by using tools like the Pomodoro app. This will help you stay focused, motivated, and productive. You will have enough time to treat yourself to a nice dessert or a walk in the neighbourhood.

How to stay motivated

After you have followed the steps mentioned earlier.

Motivation is different from one person to another. Motivation is the driving power that keeps you inspired and productive despite all circumstances! Like the Tigris River, you flow despite all the obstacles. Like the great mountains of Kurdistan, you stay strong and steady. And Like Shatt al-Arab of Basra, you are productive and thrive with goodness! 

"motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of efforts toward organisational goals, conditioned by the effort ability to satisfy some individual need." Stephen P. Robbins says:

Motivation can be sought through the inspiring things you have in your life. Find your sources and let them be the engine that drives you. Always seek new sources of inspiration every day. 

Finding Triggers for motivation

One of the rituals of one of Job Studio's freelancers, Mohammed Hallaj, is listening to music and visiting co-working spaces. Some people are driven by podcasts, others listen to music, and so forth. Triggers of motivation differ from one person to another. So, choose what makes you feel happy and inspired!


To stay motivated, you must reward yourself for your achievements. Let it be a task or a mission. Rewards will keep you motivated, clear off any burnout, and you will feel productive. 

Iraqi freelancers tend to make their unique way of celebrating their daily achievements, whether it is a delicious plate of dolma, watching their favourite show online, or attending events like International Yoga Day in Baghdad. This is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This will help you acknowledge your achievements and motivate yourself as a freelancer living in Iraq. 

A Freelancing Journey starts with self-care

Having a good diet plan, doing regular exercises, and engaging in relaxing activities all contribute to you as a working freelancer. Burnouts are less likely to happen if you maintain a good-quality daily routine. 

Staying updated with the latest trends 

Awareness of the latest trends in Iraq will help you stay motivated to achieve more and set better goals. This is very relevant to the first section of this blog. You will thrive and celebrate your achievements, have better planning skills, and stay motivated to see the trend of others or even start your own! Be encouraged and spread your motivation to all Iraqis.

Community and Unity

The sense of community will improve communication and chemistry for better motivation. It is excellent for your mental well-being to stay in touch with people pursuing their dream within a working environment such as Co-working spaces. You will inspire and be inspired; thus, it is a win-win. 

Finally, seeking better opportunities and discovering your forte will help you learn how to stay as motivated as possible. Gaining more knowledge, joining courses, and constantly learning about your career will help you prepare for your journey. 

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