Published 2023-04-19Blog Poster

Partnership with Kurdistan Technichal Institue

Ahmed Aldazdi

Job Studio and Kurdistan Technical Institute have recently partnered to provide job opportunities and freelancing skills training to students. The announcement was made at an entrepreneurship and technology event hosted by the Kurdistan Technical Institute, which is a private educational institute that focuses on advancing technological and technical skills in the Kurdistan region.

This partnership aims to help students of the institute find job and freelancing opportunities and develop the skills required to succeed in the workforce. Under the terms of the agreement, Job Studio will work closely with the Kurdistan Technical Institute to identify employment opportunities for its students. Additionally, Job Studio will provide training and support to assist the students in developing the necessary skills to find and secure employment.

Amanj Ali, the founder of Job Studio, expressed his excitement about partnering with Kurdistan Technical Institute and helping its students achieve their career goals. He emphasized that every student deserves access to the tools and resources they need to succeed in the workforce, and they are committed to providing those resources to the students of Kurdistan Technical Institute.

The partnership between Job Studio and Kurdistan Technical Institute is expected to have a significant impact on the students' career paths, providing them with a better chance of securing their dream job or starting a successful freelancing career. It is also a great opportunity for students to enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge from experienced professionals in the industry.

Overall, the partnership between Job Studio and Kurdistan Technical Institute is a positive step towards supporting the growth and development of students in the Kurdistan region. Students now have access to an extensive network of employment opportunities and training resources to help them achieve their career aspirations. To learn more about this partnership, please visit Kurdistan Technical Institute's website.