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Job Studio is dedicated to delivering an effective, efficient, and reliable way for job seekers and employers to come together through the use of one simple platform.

Amanj Ali

The idea of Job Studio is rooted in the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the global as well local economies. At that time, many people had just lost their jobs and their source of income while many others were unable to get employment as the market demand for labor took a heavy blow from the abrupt halt of many economic activities. The situation was compounded by problems that had previously caused headache for recruiters, such as phoney resumes, faked skill sets that were claimed by job-seekers, nepotism, and bribery which made finding prospective employees all the more difficult. We identified these issues as relevant information in explaining the dilapidated state of the Iraqi job market and its inability to recuperate after years of neglect and decline. As such, we sought out to address these issues with a focused outlook and palpable enthusiasm to provide a platform that could change that.

Who we are

Job Studio is A virtual marketplace where talent is traded.

What we do

Enabling personal and societal development through fostering an online network of talented individuals and job providers.

How we do it

Providing a convenient, accessible, and user-freindly platfrom deisgned to match prospective employees and freelancers with job providers.

Why we do it

To allow greater freedom for individuals and organizations and continuously adapting to the changing job market.

Job studio has an enthusiastic staff and dedicated employees who not only love what they do but also radiate a positive energy that makes us vibrant and committed to user-friendly services.