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Top Secrets: How to Balance your Life and Freelancing Career in Iraq

Warqaa Lowi

Written by: Warqaa Lowi

With the growth of the private sector and the busyness of life, you might find freedom in freelancing. Freelancing can provide you with amazing opportunities in renowned Iraqi companies and marketplaces which make you feel productive and preoccupied at the same time. Your body is screaming for balance. 

The imbalance of your life and working hours may result in overwork, underwork, burnout, procrastination, lack of focus, and much more! To create balance, you need tools. Anas Bukhash, a successful entrepreneur and an interviewer of AB talks based in Dubai, suggests Google Calendar to help balance your life and work. This will help you have a disciplined regime which is the ultimate secret to a balanced and successful freelancing career and life.

Priorities are your second key to creating a healthy work-life balance. Health comes first, so always remember to stay hydrated and eat well and mental well-being shall follow. Meditation and breathing exercises can boost your productivity and help you stay focused. This will also help you build a healthier lifestyle, increased productivity, and perfectly balanced boundaries with your freelancing journey. 

In her book, The Artist Way, Julia Cameron emphasizes the great benefits of the “morning pages” to boost your creativity and productivity in every aspect of your life. The morning pages are three pages that should be written first in the morning. It gives you a great start to the day and the mental clarity you seek. How do you start? Journal three pages after you wake up. Write whatever comes to your mind. You may include what you crave to prioritize, your daily goals, dreams, or anything! You have the freedom to write anything. 

The secret to having a happy life and igniting your passion for unlocking full work capacity is having full awareness, which can be provided through your morning pages! 

Within you lies a great amount of positivity and motivation. Iraqi individuals are known for persistence and staying motivated for what is next! It's all about having a healthy freelancing environment. One of the key elements to maintain that is keeping boundaries and the thorough search for better opportunities. Job Studio is one of the sources that might give you a great working environment. Remember, it's all about you having the best Iraqi freelancing experience! Click here for more information.

The Iraqi freelancing environment has many ups and downs. Rawa Al-Haidar, the founder of SagerLabs (a creative marketing agency), alluded in an interview with Tajarib to the various opportunities in Iraq. The Iraqi context is rich with job opportunities that will make you not want to just settle for one. 

Co-working spaces in Iraq may also give you an outstanding balance in your freelancing career! Not only will you have a great sense of unity and community, but it will also be great for your general well-being. You will stick to a routine that gives you fixed working hours. You will have the time to carry on with your life, meet your friends, have time with your family, and experience new things. 

Settle for a plan? 

After you have known the means to prioritize your time, have enough knowledge about jobs in Iraq through Job Studio, and be aware of the latest trends and interviews that we share in our blogs. You are now ready to settle for a plan. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and make a small to-do list for today. Being aware of the Iraqi Job landscape will help you a lot to fetch your goals and surpass your limits. Discipline, awareness, setting goals, priorities, and the tools you use will all help you to gain a perfectly balanced and enriched Iraqi freelancing career and life. 

Iraqi youth are open to many wide opportunities and embark on their freelancing journeys. Job Studio is the first job and freelancing marketplace in Iraq that provides you with the best freelancing opportunities as well as some helpful blogs to enhance your freelancing career. Be the productive that you are! Join Job Studio for the perfect balance! 

These tips will also help you have a productive life and freelancing career. For more productivity tips we share at Job Studio’s blog sections, visit our blog on being the most productive Iraqi freelancer